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Salon Concrete Coating

Why Concrete Coating Is Great For Salons

Salon Concrete Coating

Due to the distinctive setup of their business, salons have needs that can improve the functionality and efficiency of their operation. The flooring must look good and be able to handle the stresses of running a busy salon, according to the salon owner. Unfortunately, many types of salon flooring may compel you to choose between two qualities: a floor that is durable but ugly, or a floor that is attractive but will fade rapidly. The finest flooring option for salons, in our opinion, is concrete floor coverings because it offers both advantages.

We’ll talk over a few key things in this blog post to assist you to understand why we think that way.

Concrete floor treatments are attractive.

Salon operators favour locations where a layout for sinks, dryers, vanities, and chairs can be easily accommodated. They like to give their clients spa-like, pampering experiences. In order for its clients to feel amazing as they leave the salon, the flooring they use should be of a high quality that is both long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful.

The best flooring option for salons is concrete floor coatings, which may be put directly into the concrete. They may include

• Finished to imitate marble, slate, or tile 
• With unique graphics, medallions, or ornamental stencilled borders, it can be enhanced. 
• It can be stained or dyed to match any colour. 
• It can be finished to seem like marble, slate, or tile.
• Simple cleaning

Hair stylists must possess the ability to revive elegance with a broom. Cement floor treatments, when placed correctly on the floor surface, have the added benefit of being simple to maintain. Heavy foot activity won’t damage the coating. It won’t support dust mites, allergies, mildew, or mould because it is moisture- and stain-resistant. A seamless basin can be created by applying non-porous concrete vertically over cove mouldings, which prevents water from penetrating the walls because there are no frayed edges or cracks to collect dirt and other waste.

Chemical and abrasion-resistant

Salon proprietors want floors that are incredibly resilient and resistant to chemicals. That is true because hairdressers handle hot, sharp tools like flat irons, curling irons, and dryers, as well as chemicals from hair treatments and dyes. The non-porous concrete floor won’t be harmed if these items are unintentionally dumped on it.

Non-slip surface

The sealer will produce a semi-gloss, transparent covering once the non-slip solution has been applied to the slippery concrete. UV-resistant, chemical-resistant, and long-lasting, this anti-slip concrete coating. It is the ideal treatment for slick concrete floors when anti-slip protection is crucial. A slippery environment may be brought on by high foot traffic between clients and professionals, damp hair that isn’t dried completely, chemical colorings, and washbasins. A coating that offers slide resistance is therefore essential.

Prompt installation

You have a responsibility as a salon owner to express your worries about how long you will need to close your operation for a new floor. Four to eight hours after the coating is applied, the surface is already suitable for walking on. For companies that can’t afford to lose money due to downtime, a concrete coating is the perfect option. Furthermore, the installation of concrete coatings is minimally disruptive to the company because they have low odour and VOC levels.